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1Are replacement or additional bolts available?Products
2Are Stainless Steel actions available?Products
3Can I do a conversion to shoot a smaller sized cartridge in a larger Barnard bolt face, and use say a. 223 in a .308 boltface or a .308 in a .535” Magnum?Products
4How do I replace the spring in my Barnard firing pin?Multiple
5I am having misfire issues with my Barnard Target action.Multiple
6If I do not have a Barnard Dealer in my country how can I buy an action?Multiple
7The Barnard model SM and the short Remington 700Products
8What is the cartridge availabilty for the 07 rifle?Products
9What is the suggested Cleaning & Maintenance instructions for a Barnard Target Action & Trigger?Products
10What trigger weights are available?Products

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