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New French Dealer

Exciting News! We are pleased to share that we now have a dealer in France. Bruno from Armeca VPC. We recently shared Bruno's succe... read more


Asad Wahid Adjutant of the Great Britain FT/R Team Sets new F T/R Record

CONGRATULATIONS to Asad Wahid Adjutant of the Great Britain FT/R Team who set the new GB Long Range 1000 Yard F T/R record at the 18th May 2019 GB... read more


Brayden Tayler and his Barnard Model P

We are always happy when we hear that young talent are competing and preforming well in competitive shooting, especially when they are usi... read more


If I do not have a Barnard Dealer in my country how can I buy an action?


Get in touch with us.

If we cannot put you in touch with a dealer who can make the sale, we will make the sale from New Zealand.
In either case you MUST be able to obtain an import permit or licence from your domestic government authority. We in turn must obtain an Export Permit. This cannot be done without your import authorisation.

No import authorisation - No sale.

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