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Brayden Tayler and his Barnard Model P

We are always happy when we hear that young talent are competing and preforming well in competitive shooting, especially when they are usi... read more


Barnard Model P Bix N Andy Triggers now in Stock

Bix N Andy have developed their own high-quality target/bench rest trigger for the Barnard model P Action. The trigger requires no hanger ... read more


Heavy Ejector Kits

Due to frequent requests from many customers for an ejector that doesn’t just release the brass, but throws it out, we have come t... read more


Are Stainless Steel actions available?



We get asked from time to time if our actions can be manufactured from stainless steel.

We have in the past done “Stainless” 174PH Actions. These actions were not desirable to use, the material does not in our opinion meet our standards. 
"Our opinion" (no doubt biased) is that the steel and the methods we use produce a better result. e.g. the actions smooth up and feel better with age.

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