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Barnard Model P Bix N Andy Triggers now in Stock

Bix N Andy have developed their own high-quality target/bench rest trigger for the Barnard model P Action. The trigger requires no hanger ... read more


Heavy Ejector Kits

Due to frequent requests from many customers for an ejector that doesn’t just release the brass, but throws it out, we have come t... read more


Heavy Striker Springs now Available

A frequent concern that we believed needed to be addressed is the strength of our striker springs. We often receive inquiries about our firing pin... read more


What trigger weights are available?


We make our triggers in three separate pressure ranges

1.5kg “Heavy" the old Palma  requirement
500grms “Standard” the new Palma weight
250grms = "Light” 

The trigger with the lighter rated springs allow for change in spring pressure. Different springs do not change the geometry of the trigger but reduces or increases the spring pressure needed to ensure a safe trigger.

All adjustments are accessible from below by a 1.5mm Allen key

Warning: It is possible to over stress the trigger pressure springs. Do not use a lighter spring for higher weight class, use the “H” spring if higher pressures are required.

Our interpretation of “Safe” is a trigger that will stand up to a “slam test” and to regular use,  including fast or maybe rough bolt manipulation - not just in an ideal target shooting situation. The trigger is not a bench rest “2oz” type trigger, 10oz is as low as they should go (say 250grms)

If you want a 2oz bench rest trigger you should go to a Jewel. Make sure you read our setting and safety instructions. We particularly emphasis the safety “slam test” In our Adjustment Setting and Safety Instructions. 

We may be sensitive on the safety issue, but all triggers used, not just Barnard triggers, should be set for safety - not to some idealized - and maybe unsafe “lightness”. For example, a Jewel on a Barnard S or P in our experience should not be set lighter than 3oz "safely".
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