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New French Dealer

Exciting News! We are pleased to share that we now have a dealer in France. Bruno from Armeca VPC. We recently shared Bruno's succe... read more


Asad Wahid Adjutant of the Great Britain FT/R Team Sets new F T/R Record

CONGRATULATIONS to Asad Wahid Adjutant of the Great Britain FT/R Team who set the new GB Long Range 1000 Yard F T/R record at the 18th May 2019 GB... read more


Brayden Tayler and his Barnard Model P

We are always happy when we hear that young talent are competing and preforming well in competitive shooting, especially when they are usi... read more

Barnard Tikka Trigger

Looking to accurize your Tikka T3 rifle??

Look no further! Introducing the Barnard Tikka Trigger for the Tikka T3 Rifle, billeted from quality steels, contains no pressed steel nor any sheet metal parts.

Derived off our Standard Barnard trigger, designed by our U.S. dealer Mac Tilton of MT Guns. This trigger has an exceptionally crisp 6oz pull weight and with a heavy spring kit be adjusted up to around 1.5kg.

Please Note the Trigger guard area circled in the picture below will need to be filled to allow this trigger to fit.

Purchase your Barnard Tikka Trigger today through one of our international distributors or contact us here if your a New Zealand local customer.