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Barnard Model PC Action

Designed for the Palma or long-range shooter. A single shot cylindrical action, a version of the model P Action with customized bolt and port configuration.
  • Right Bolt / Left Port (pictured above)
  • Left Bolt / Right Port
  • Twin Port / Right Bolt
  • Twin Port / Left Bolt

 For True Right Hand & Left Hand configurations see the Model P.

The bolt carries three forward locking lugs, is equipped with a Sako style extractor and can be supplied to accept any case rim up to 0.534"(standard magnum rim).  It undergoes finish machining after hardening, and is hand lapped to its mating receiver. 

The receiver is of 4340 chrome/moly/nickel steel through hardened to 38Rc and finish machined after surface hardening to ensure concentricity.

Comes standard with a bolt face plunger type ejector. Non Ejector option can be included when an action is being ordered Note this option is only available with the twin port configurations.  

Supplied as standard with the Barnard Target trigger.

Model PC Details

Receiver Length
200mm (7.85")
Receiver Diameter
37mm (1.457")
Bolt Diameter
22mm (0.866")
PC "standard" Action weight
1.307kg / 46.103oz           (with trigger 1.406kg / 49.595oz) 
PC "Twin port" Action weight   1.224kg / 43.175oz           (with trigger 1.322kg / 46.632oz)
Loading Port Length
75mm (2.95")
Barrel Thread
1 1/16" UNF X 16TPI 

PC "Standard" Bolt Face

.308 / .534 Magnum

PC "twin port" Bolt face .223/ .308/ .534 MAGNUM
Striker Tip Diameter
1.6mm (.062") standard
Lock Time
1.7 milliseconds - calculated
Sight Mounting
Drilled & tapped (M4) for most sights 
eg CENTRAL, REDFIELD, RPA, WARNER.or our full length sight rails
Action Mounting
1/4" UNF Cap Screws
Blue/Black standard.

Available Accessories

  • Jewel Trigger Conversion Kit
  • Action V Bedding Block
  • Scope Rail
  • Central Sight Block
  • Action Wrench
  • Cleaning Rod Guide

  • Recoil Options

      The Model PC has several options available to handle recoil;

    1. a Remington type lug between receiver and barrel
    2. a recoil lug fitted into a slot machined into the receiver bottom
    3. use of a recoil spigot from the action (1/4" X 28 cap screw with the head machined concentric) which fits into a steel bushed hole in a 6061aluminium bedding block that has been machined to provide 2 parallel points of contact on the action.

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