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Cheryl Dey NRA High Master National Record Holder.

Cheryl Set a Record recently with her rifle built on a barnard P Action check out the NRA national’s records. http://competitions.nra.org/nation... read more


Frank Diaz’s new record

Frank Diaz’s new record on dec-18-2012 200-26x and now 200-18x @ 500 yards. He now holds 3 national records. Midrange on 3/7/2015. Check out ... read more


John Whidden won the 2017 Berger Southwest Nationals while shooting his P actioned Palma rifle.

· John Whidden won the 2017 Berger Southwest Nationals while shooting his P actioned Palma rifle. “That is the most accurate... read more

Barnard Model PLM Action


Developed for use in our Model 10 repeating rifle from our PL action and using a modified 2 stage Barnard target trigger. In 338 Lapua Magnum only. Uses the Accuracy International 338 Lapua 5 shot Magazine. 

Please note;-
  • No separate bottom metal is available. 
  • Action mounting screws are not in the standard Barnard Model P/PL configuration.
  • The standard Barnard Target trigger has been modified to suit this action.

A development of the Model PL action, the Model PLM is of conventional, cylindrical forward locking turn bolt design, in either left or right handed configuration.

The bolt carries three forward locking lugs, is equipped with a Sako style extractor and a bolt face plunger type ejector. It undergoes finish machining after hardening, and is hand lapped to its mating receiver.

The receiver is of 4340 chrome/moly/nickel steel through hardened to 38Rc and finish machined after surface hardening to ensure concentricity. 


Model 10 stock and the base of model PLM action.

Model PLM Details  

Receiver Length

 215mm (8.464")

Receiver Diameter
 37mm (1.456")
Bolt Diameter
 24mm (0.944")
Loading Port Length
 100mm (3.937")
PLM Action weight  1.308kg / 46.138oz         (with trigger 1.410kg / 49.736oz)
Bolt Face Details
 .534 Magnum / 338 Lapua Mag

Striker Tip Diameter

 1.6mm (0.062")
Barrel Thread
 1 1/8"UNF X 16TPI
Rail Mounting
 Drilled And Taped (M4) for our full Length Scope Rail
Action Mounting
 1/4 UNF Cap Screw
 Blue/ Black Standard

Available Accessories

  • Scope Rail - low profile
  • Action Wrench

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